I love this movement where people want to simplify their lives. Or in Marie Kondo’s words, “spark joy.” I’m there in my life, too. I personally stress about too much stuff. Clutter in my home is clutter in my mind. And this translates over to my closet, and thus inspired my desire for a capsule wardrobe.

What is a “capsule wardrobe?” It’s a set of interchangeable clothing that fit your lifestyle saving you time, space, and money. You can have a different capsule for all four seasons. You could have one capsule that’s effortless timeless. And the amount of clothing items are limitless. Some people can strategically plan out 30 pieces that seamlessly go together, while others have more. I like to think that it’s flexible to fit your lifestyle.

For the last year I’ve been researching and experimenting to create a capsule wardrobe, and I’ve wanted a simple, high quality wardrobe to rely on and lessen the guessing game every morning I need to figure out an outfit. I work remotely, so I have a set of comfy clothes, a set for going out, and a set for the office that I travel to for one week of every month.

And changing locations from Maryland to Florida means lots of relearning how to dress year round, so here’s my process so far.

A Capsule Clothing Color Palette

Looking at pins after pins from Pinterest, as well as, looking at which pieces make me feel the happiest, I’ve determined that my color palette is described as fresh, feminine, and flexible.

I combine pinks and blues with an occasional yellow or red.

To find your own, you could test which colors you like on yourself best. Maybe for two weeks, you can save each piece you wear in a bin. After you’re finished, pull out what you’ve been choosing and see if there are patterns in the chosen colors. I’d recommend saving the actual clothes or taking a picture each day rather than writing it down. It’s easier to look at all the colors together in the end. 

To choose complementary colors or to realize your color pairs, there are neat color wheels to help you decipher and then include additional color choices beyond your favorites that are sitting in your used clothes bin.

Choose a Style

While reviewing my color palette, I’ve noticed the styles I lean to, and decided my wardrobe is fresh, feminine, and flexible.

I found this phenomenal pin labeling styles. I’m not one style, that’s for sure. And looking at the clothes in my bin that I’ve chosen in the last two weeks, I’m a mix of Ladylike, Bohemian, and Gamine (with an occasional Glam but more like for special occasions/holidays). 

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe Within My Own Closet

At this point, I could go cray with shopping or purchase a ready to buy capsule wardrobe (which are available out there and super neutral). Or I can try to make my own outfits within my own closet. 

First, I’ll clear out the old items that are worn, outdated, no longer “me,” etc. You could follow Marie Kondo’s method and keep what sparks joy. Or using this cute graphic I found from Stitch Fix, use a methodological method to clearing out the closet.

While doing so, remember to keep your color palette in mind.

Source: Stitch Fix

Second, using what I have left, I start pairing pieces together. For instance, in my Valentine’s Day blog, I’ve paired work tops with casual skirts to create a date outfit with my hubby.

The hardest part is knowing what I need. There are systems or lists you can follow to double check that you have a thorough wardrobe for pairing. To help me, I created a Pinterest board to save capsule wardrobe lists, such as this French style inspiration below. I didn’t follow that one-for-one, but pins like this helps me determine the bare minimum I need. 

Consider Your Lifestyle

I mentioned earlier that I have different wardrobe sets for my lifestyle. I have super casual clothes for working remotely, which are usually neutral. So, usually greys, white, and black in comfy shirts and pants. And then for going out (or when I want to look super cute remotely) and using my color palette, I have flowery tops, flowy skirts, and dresses to meet my goal capsule wardrobe: fresh, feminine, and flexible.

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