Hello! fox+babs is my documented journey into adulthood and the pursuit of hygge happiness: simple, cozy, and unconditional.

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48 Hours in Barcelona

It has so far been an interesting year for the Brickeys of Florida. And with a few changes, an opportunity to fly last minute to Barcelona, Spain fell into my lap. My wanderlust heart couldn’t ignore the pull and so I went. One day after deciding, I was on my way to meet my two […]

Get Hygge This Fall Season

As the weather cools down, hygge season kicks in. The temperature even drops a bit here in Florida! Although getting hygge can be a year long thing, it’s fall and winter where hygge really thrives. So, to get hygge this fall season, below is some inspiration. Cozy up! Snuggle up in knitted blankets. I have […]

Run Disney Race Costume Inspiration

Happy Halloween, friends! I hope y’all are dressing up in your favorite costumes for some good ol’ fashion trick or treating. In honor of costumes and how – even as an adult – I still really love putting one together, today’s blog is about Run Disney Costumes! I’ve shared a few of my own (and […]