On 7.7.17, Jeremy and I exchanged vows in a beautiful, utterly bohemian wildflower garden outside of America’s first educational museum that embraces self-taught artists in Baltimore, Maryland. (Just that opening line alone emphasizing artists, support, and education sounds all super Brickey-ish.) The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) hosted our whimsical nuptials. And it’s no wonder this museum is popular for weddings, since it boasts gorgeous glass murals perfect for photo backdrops, a giant light up “LOVE” sign outside the barn to literally say, “hey, we’re married and in love,” and includes an exhibition of AVAM’s personal art collection that is open to your wedding guests (hooray for free entertainment during the cocktail hour!).

Wedding party laughs in front of bright, colorful mirror building at AVAM

Our Date-Aversary

Today, 10.17.18, marks our “Date-Aversary,” or the day that we said, “You wanna be my boo?” (Hmmm, is the number “17” our spirit number?) As of today, we are officially official for nine whole years! This day always reminds me of our big days. When I say “big days,” I’m talking about: our first kiss, our first date (Oh hey, Applebees), when we adopted our first fur-baby River, when we brought home the Tweets, our many adventures overseas, and especially our fantastical wedding day.

Gif of Audrey Hepburn looking into the distance lovingly

Our Museum Wedding

We feel that everything about our day was perfect and happy. And reflecting on the AVAM for our wedding day, I think the location was a perfect fit for us. I still remember…
Wedding couple kiss in front of LOVE lights

The Barn

An open air building that looks less like a barn and more like a brick building that houses art. Our wedding was on a hot July, but the barn had huge swing open doors and fans to help circulate the air. Or you could just down another glass of wine and forget the heat!

Fifi the pink poodle sits on display in the AVAM


The Baltimore famous pink poodle who overlooked our party in the barn and approved.

Large shot of entire wedding party during ceremony as couple exchanges vows

The Wildflower Garden

Where we said “I Will” in front of a playhouse-like art installation and surrounded by romantic little flowers, grass, and other smaller art pieces like a duck in mid-quack.

Wedding couple laugh as they hold each other

Cocktail Hour

Jeremy and I have so many lovely photos to reminisce over at the AVAM. This museum provides so many opportunities to use the space. Some classic backdrops like in front of ivy and others more eccentric.

Dreamy view inside AVAM's barn

A Glowing Reception

The barn’s ceiling is a beautiful blue mural of a galaxy and when it’s dark out but the lights are on, the entire room has a soft glow. Just add music, and you’re set.

And because I can, here are a few more of my favorite photos…

Newlyweds lovingly embrace each other

Newlyweds walk down the aisle after the ceremony

Silly flower girl peeks over couch

Father and daughter dance

Close up of groom's boutonniere

Nephew dances in the middle of the crowd

Newlyweds pose after finishing their first dance

Close up of watercolor wedding invitations

Mother of the bride sings to couple during karaoke

Bride dances in crowd during reception

Action shot of bride and groom during their choreographed first dance

Close up of the rings

Guests watch others in the dreamy bluish glow of AVAM's barn

Granddad talks with newlywed bride and groom

Newlyweds embrace each other in front of a decorated school bus art installation

Close up of sunflowers held by bridesmaids

Newlyweds hold each other in garden

Father of the bride escorting the bride while she laughs happily Groomsmen and groom standing together and smiling Ring boy nephew holding the knitted heart pillow holding the rings Parents of the bride during the ceremony The groom outdoors practicing his vows Close up of bride's hands holding hand written love notes from the groom

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