We all want to live our best lives, and a good morning routine can set your day up for success. I’m not a morning person, but I do try to have a healthy routine. If I don’t, I immediately feel like I’ve lost time and the rest of the day can feel the pressure of stress. I start my mornings with some tasks on my own and finalizing with family time. 


Most weekdays, my morning routine starts with a workout (honestly, after hitting snooze at least 1-2 times). I like to get energized with an OrangeTheoryFitness sesh or a run. The team workouts are satisfying when you feel like you’re going through the challenge together. And afterwards, those happiness endorphins get you feeling so satisfied. A workout may seem like the opposite of the idea of hygge, but I think the physical strain brings mental coziness afterwards.

Pack Walk

At 8:30am like clockwork, the pack is ready to go outside. Together with Jeremy and the pups, we walk along the bayou. We laugh while Ziggy chases after lizards. We stare in astonishment when dolphins swim by. We share each other’s schedules for the day and cheer each other on if there’s an upcoming challenge or difficult client call. It’s a lovely moment with the pack, and one of my favorite parts of the day.

Hygge Candles and Incense

Candles can be year-round, y’all. Working remotely, I have my cozy space in our home with a wide window that slowly lets the dawn in. I’ll keep the lamps off and light incense and scentless candles to mellow out after my workout. 


Why light candles if you’re not going to enjoy them? With the mellow lighting atmosphere, this is an ideal journaling moment. It’s so good to decompress and write down your thoughts, goals, random ramblings, whatever.

Tea with Lemon

I wrap up my hygge morning routine with a simple breakfast (usually a protein shake) and tea with a fresh slice of lemon. This is about the time to start work, and a good energizing drink gets my mind ready to think critically for the day.

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