New year, new me. Jk It’s still me, but in the pursuit of happiness. I have fun, travel, and financial goals this year for our family. And for me, I’ve grouped my goals into three buckets: Body, Spirit, and Mind. I don’t think they’re crazy ambitious that I’m setting myself up for failure. They’re reasonable and progressive. What are you planning for 2019?


Healthy weight

Since I’ve stopped cheering professionally, my weight has yo-yoed. I think it’s strongly due to the difficult learning on how to eat and exercise with flexibility without burning thousands of calories several times a week from dancing. I think to be healthy physically at my height – and healthy in my own heart and self-esteem – my goal weight will be on average 130 lb.

Eating Goals

For the environment and for my own health, I would like us to eat vegetarian for a full day once a week. Bring on Meatless Mondays!


Take a class/workshop

In my blog for the pursuit of happiness, I wrote that self care and community are important for my own definition of wholesome living. In the new year, I will be starting a new remote job. I’ll be able to see my team once a month, but for the most part, I’ll be surrounded by my husband and dogs. I think I’ve been some of my happiest when I’ve had creative goals and something consistent to commit to. I’d like to try a crafty art class or workshop, or maybe even singing lessons!

Housebreak and Train Ziggy

I listed this under “Spirit,” because I feel like training Ziggy will be good for our new relationship. Right now, he’s such an untrained puppy that I lose my mind. Lol By the end of 2019, I’d like him to be housebroken (that would be great if done in a month…) and teach him to sit, stay, and paw/other paw.


Read at least 6 books

I love reading, but I’m really slow at it. Sometimes I’ll put down a book for weeks (okay maybe more like months). I’m pretty happy that I’ve finished about 3 books this year. Although, some people read 3 books in one month… So, I’d like to commit to reading twice as much as 2018’s average. And maybe in 2020, I’ll be up to 12 books a year!

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