Halfway through the 2019 already. How brilliant! Time to have a mid-year check-in on my New Year’s resolutions. Have you reflected on your progress so far? Accomplished them already? Maybe you’ve stopped your commitments just days into January? Lol Whatever’s the answer, I think it’s not too late to either keep trucking along or starting back up.

Here’s where I am….


Healthy weight

My goal weight I established was approximately 130 lb. Honestly, I’m not there yet. But! I have lost at least 8 lbs from my starting point. I’ve been experimenting with different foods and committing to my OrangeTheory Fitness classes. I can see a difference in my face and arms (always the first place to lose), but still working on my core (the dreadful last place to lose!) and my thighs. Growing up, I was blessed with slender legs. I think hitting the age 30 automatically meant my body is preparing for motherhood, because they’re so wide! Is this normal?

Anyways, feeling positive about my progress so far. I think I can hit my goal by the start of the fourth quarter of the year.

Eating Goals

For the environment and for my own health, I pledged to eat vegetarian for a full day once a week. It’s not always on Mondays, but we do eat significantly less meat nowadays. At least five days a week, I’m eating meatless breakfast and lunch. I’d like to increase this even more with more frequent vegetarian dinners or going all veggie on the weekends.


Take a class/workshop

In my blog for the pursuit of happiness, I wrote that self-care and community are important for my own definition of wholesome living. In the new year, I wanted to have more creative goals, like a crafty art class or workshop, or maybe even singing lessons. Admittedly, I haven’t done any of these. I did find an art class called Whim So Doodle right here in St. Pete that I’m interested in. I talked to Jeremy about it recently, I’m hoping to sign up soon for a watercolor or hand lettering class.

Housebreak and Train Ziggy

I listed this under “Spirit,” because I feel like training Ziggy will be good for our new relationship. Oh my goodness, has this been a struggle so far. He’s still not consistently going outside. We think it’s a combination of his breed, the rainy weather, and still being a puppy. Even River was having occasional accidents until he reached one-year-old.

Ziggy knows “sit,” but that’s about it. I’ve been so lackadaisical with his training! I hope to start teaching him the fun tricks soon. By the end of the year, I’d like to have a housebroken puppy who knows “sit,” “stay,” “paw,” and “other paw.”


Read at least 6 books

I based my goal on past trends. And in the year 2019… I have crushed this goal!! I’ve read more than 6 books already and I’m only halfway through the year. I’m super pumped that I can check off this goal. 🙂

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