As the weather cools down, hygge season kicks in. The temperature even drops a bit here in Florida! Although getting hygge can be a year long thing, it’s fall and winter where hygge really thrives. So, to get hygge this fall season, below is some inspiration.

Cozy up!

Snuggle up in knitted blankets. I have one from IKEA that’s not too heavy, so it’s perfect for Florida weather. But for everyone else in chilly weather, thick, knitted blankets are so comforting.

Same goes for sweaters, festive socks, and leggings (bonus: if you overeat a bit due to the urge to hibernate, leggings are way more forgiving). It’s like wrapping yourself up in your own thunder blanket. You’re warm, comfy, and oh so comforted. It’s not extremely cold to be totally bundled up in Florida, but I’ll still wear a sweater on chilly nights.

Treat yo self

Meaning, take care of your body, soul, and mind. Write in your diary and list your many thanks (just in time for Thanksgiving!). Try meditating or breathing exercises, like indoor yoga with lit candles. We like to light incense in our home. I’m almost out of our current scent and will need to restock soon for this holiday season!

Some amazing TLC: Relax and connect with your friends and family. People assume that hygge is simply candles, blankets, and a warm drink, but it’s more than that. It’s a feeling of ease and content, and – although it can be accomplished solo – it can be accomplished with intimate groups of people important to you.

Forts aren’t just for kids

When Jeremy and I are having really blue days, we’ll build a fort in our living room out of blankets and pillows. We’ll set up treats, like popcorn, cheese plates, and chips with dip or hummus, and then pick our favorite movies to marathon or we’ll simply just chat. It’s an easy, free way to play and rekindle those childlike giggles.

If you have a tent, then way not pitch your tent in the backyard for the same kind of fun.

Embrace warm drinks

Warm drinks are mega hygge. This season, we’re trying mulled wine, warm spiked apple cider, and I always love a comfy tea.

Other than drinks, we like to warm up our bellies with soup or chili. And yes, even in Florida, we still enjoy chili.

Don’t forget your Vitamin D

I live in the sunshine city in the sunshine state, so I don’t have to worry too much about getting my vitamin D. But I still remember my days in Baltimore where the sun rose late and set so early. By the time I was out of work, it was pitch dark. Lack of sun can seriously impact your mood. The Danes have a few solutions for this that you can consider:

  • Sun lights like these help with Vitamin D, as well as, contribute to people with seasonal depression.
  • Tanning beds are not the healthiest solution but also a possibility.
  • During your workday, take a walk outside. This also allows you to rest your mind a bit making you more productive when you get back.
  • You can also eat your Vitamin D with cod, salmon, mushrooms, spinach, milk and OJ, and more.
  • Try catching the sun before it sets or when it rises. In Florida, we have beautiful sunsets on the bayou!

Get in the mood

The holiday mood that is! Holiday music starts on the radio shortly after Thanksgiving, but you don’t have to wait until then when playlists, like this one on Spotify, is available year round.

Or plan a weekly holiday movie showing at your house leading up to the holiday. You can even take it a step further and make it a party with friends every week. Rotate host locations and make it a potluck! That’s like a hygge megaload.

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