Hygge is most well known for wintertime activities with candlelight, cozy socks and a hygge decorating style, but hygge can actually happen all year long. In The Little Book of Hygge, it even lists hygge inspired activities for every month. For me, incorporating hygge in our lives means even applying hygge in spring. I think this time of year automatically comes with inspiring content vibes from all the flowers and the weather warming up. But there are ways to really embracing it with a hygge home and activities.

April Showers Bring Hygge Flowers

Yeah, that headline still works. Try it. Anyways, it’s a perfect time of the year to bring in beautiful, pastel colored flowers into your home. Try plucking some from your garden or pick up a few stems from the local florist. I like to create my bouquet at Publix. 

Fresh flowers and greens have this amazingly calming effect in my home. If you want to spruce up your spring season decoration ideas, then this is the way to do it.

It’s now Picnic or Patio Weather

A big part of hygge is the connections with friends and family. With the cold weather now behind us, enjoy eating outside. Jeremy and I like to eat by the Bayou with a homemade meal. At this time in Florida, the dolphins like to come out around 6pm. Just in time for dinner!

Plant New Flowers

Maybe a little obvious for spring. But wouldn’t you love to go eat outside (Gasp! Two hygge suggestions coming together!) and be surrounded by beautiful spring flowers? You don’t have to have a magazine worthy backyard, a nice front yard and a couple comfy seats can do the trick, too.

For the Brickey pack, we currently live in an apartment. So, I can’t plant a garden, but I can start sprucing up my home with fresh, flowing green plants. Bonus! Some plants – like the Snake Plant for those without green thumbs, like me – clean your air.

Mmm, Fresh Air

Speaking of fresh air (and if you skipped ahead, please see my hygge suggestion above), open up those windows! With winter air behind us, save some energy and use fresh air to wake everyone up. If you have allergies, then that’s okay. Keep ‘em closed and plant more plants.

Light a Candle

Despite the heat or cold weather, I love lighting candles. They bring an ambience that’s so calming. I love keeping the lights off, opening the shades, and lighting a candle before starting work. It starts my day relaxed and ready for what’s coming.

Eat for the Season

A sneaky way to add fresh foods, it’s choosing local ingredients at their peak of flavor. Eating fresh makes your body feel pretty good. And if you prepare your fruits and veggies with the family, that’s double hygge because you’re doing it together.

Bonus! They’ll usually more affordable, as well, because they weren’t shipped from Timbuktu to reach your grocery store.

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