Hygge can be all year round, friends. It’s better known in the US for being a cozy vibe full of candles, soft blankets, and warm socks, or even recognized as a décor style. But it’s so much more! It’s a feeling of coziness, and coziness doesn’t have to happen just in the wintertime (honestly, thank goodness for that or else theoretically Floridians would never experience coziness!). I wrote about hygge for Spring, and now here’s some cutesy ideas for hygge in summer.

A Hygge Good Time at Twilight

Hang outside with friends, family, or even alone during dusk. In my apartment’s backyard, we have seats on the deck to stargaze or watch the sunset over the water turning it pink and purple. Sometimes, dolphins will swim by at this time, too. With the sun going down, the heat of the summer day subsides.

With bae, it’s romantic.

By yourself, it’s reflective.

To get extra cozy, bring a glass of your fav drink or snuggle up on picnic blankets and pillows.

Time with Friends

A big part of hygge’s philosophy is time well spent with loved ones. And there’s something about summer that brings everyone outside. BBQs, pool parties, going out on the boat, whatever. There are plenty of places and opportunities to laugh, chat, hug, and cry with friends.

Cooling Down in Thunderstorms

Summer is rainy season for Florida. Starting 3pm, you can expect thunderstorms like clockwork. I’m not sure what it is – I’m sure there’s a study on this somewhere – but relaxing inside during a thunderstorm is so calming. When I’m home, I like to keep the lights off, light candles, and let the sound of rain relax me.

Eat outside – BBQ!

We love eating freshly grilled veggies and meals once summer runs around. In our apartment, Jeremy is known as “the guy who grills.”

While Jeremy grills, we listen to music and chat while we elevate normal veggies to be super foods with a grilled taste that can only come with summer.

“Me Time” in the Mornings

In Florida, you look for any moment where there’s less humidity. As dawn approaches, the heat come a little slower. Use this time to go for a walk, decompress, or sit in front of an open window to journal, sort through emails, make a checklist.

Summer Reading List

Cozying up with a book is so very hygge, and summer is a fantastic time to read. Life feels a little slower and you can use that time to catch up on your reading list. Summer opens up opportunities for extra cozy places, like the beach, hammocks, parks, the pool, your porch. If you’re looking for a cute summer read, check out The Little Book of Hygge.

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