Throughout Walt Disney World, Hidden Mickeys are … well, what it sounds like… Hidden Mickeys incorporated throughout the park designed by Disney’s Imagineers! It’s like a fun scavenger hunt every time you visit. Like, when my entire family came last January, it was a fun back-and-forth of who found the most Mickeys each day. After awhile – and since Jeremy and I were in the lead – we started receiving texts from our siblings of “Mickeys” made out of their lunches and drinks…

As annual pass holders, Jeremy and I are fortunate to visit often and still hunt for more Mickeys. Disney is a fun, happy place for us, and this activity really adds to the experience and makes each trip unique.

Below is a small sampling of the Hidden Mickeys we’ve found so far and documented. I’ll keep coming back to add to the list. Feel free to comment below if you know of any good ones, and we’ll keep our eyes out when we’re back.

Hidden Mickeys in Hollywood

Hidden Mickey made of guitar picks at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios.
In the store after Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.
Hidden Mickey made out of a drum and two disco balls.
In the store after Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

Not pictured: This only happened to me once, but on the Tower of Terror ride, and right when the stars come together before the doors open, the stars formed a Hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickeys in Epcot

Galaxy Mickey on the ceiling of a store.
On a ceiling in the Mission: SPACE store.
Hidden Mickey made out of three apples in a bowl.
In an exhibition in Japan.
Mickey product hidden at the back of a refrigerator.
In an exhibition in Japan.

Not pictured: A Hidden Mickey on Soarin’!

Not pictured: Look out for a Hidden Mickey in the plant section on the Living with the Land ride.

Hidden Mickeys in Animal Kingdom

Drawing of Mickey on a stone wall saying, "Fichwa! Fellow"
I count this as a Hidden Mickey! He’s painted on the wall by the Wildlife Express train tracks in Africa.

Other Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickey made of stones in the sidewalk.
At Disney Springs, this Mickey is ingrained in the ground outside a store. I believe the store was Disney Style.
Hidden Mickey made out of the sidewalk and surrounded by pretty bushes and trees.
Found outside at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort Area!


Pascal, the iguana sidekick from Tangled, sitting on a rock.
In Magic Kingdom, we found a hidden Pascal from the movie Tangled by a small river and bridge near Rapunzel’s Tower!

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