How did you come up with your name, “fox+babs?”

I wanted a blog name that was simple, sweet, and personal about us as newlyweds since this would be about us and our adventures to happiness. I dig a little deeper on where “fox” and “babs” comes from here.

How did fox+babs meet?

Jeremy and I had mutual friends in college, and then one weekend we met at that mutual friend’s beach house. Jeremy smoothly said, “you’re my future wife and you just didn’t know it yet.” And I said, “Umm… sure, buddy.” Now here we are 9 years later, and you can find him saying, “I told you so.” 🙂 It’s been an adventurous 9 years. Full of ups, downs, and mostly laughter, love, and support.

What is Hygge?

“Hygge is… a Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.” according to Wikipedia. Ever since my family and I planned to visit our ancestor’s homeland in Copenhagen, Denmark, I’ve been learning more about the happiest country in the world and my heritage. The trendy hygge can be found in Pinterest has decor sporting candles, comfy blankets, and soft lighting. But after reading more about it, I like to think of hygge as a mood that I hope to incorporate into our everyday lives so we can live more simply and happily.

If I’m visiting St. Pete, FL, where are the best spots?

Great question! I plan to post our favorite experiences all around St. Pete. Until then, here are a few of our favorite spots:

  • For good, homemade beers or cider on tap: Green Bench Brewery
  • For a not-so-touristy beach: St. Pete Beach
  • For a pretty sweet champagne deal at brunch: Noble Crust (but you must make reservations for brunch!)
  • For classic arcade games with a beer in hand: Park & Rec
  • For a chance to kayak with manatees: Weeki Wachee
  • For some enlightening art: Dali Museum (Tickets on Thursdays after 5pm are only $10!)