We’re new to Florida, and so the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party was a shiny new event we’ve never done before. Jeremy and I were so very excited to go and see what it’s all about. Prior to going, my sister reached out, as well, asking if it’s worth it to visit next year with her son. And… yes… after our time there it is so worth it. Here’s all the things that we really loved about this unique Disney experience.

1 – Specially carved pumpkins for each storefront on Main Street.

Casey's on Main Street with pumpkins carved into hot dogs and baseball bats
Casey’s had hotdogs and baseball bats!

2 – These adorable halloweenie statues of our favorite characters.

A brass statue of Pluto with a pumpkin

3 – Adorable decorations everywhere!

Mickey pumpkin lantern on Main Street

4 – Extremely entertaining and talented dancing zombies and ghosts during Mickey’s “Boo-To-You” Halloween Parade.

Zombies with shovels gloomily dancing by

5 – The easiest proximity to a Disney parade I’ve ever experienced. Look how close we were!

Boo to You opening float Tinkerbell sitting on top of a treasure chest Minnie dressed for the parade waving hello

6 – Spotting this hidden Mickey on a float!

A hidden Mickey made of three small pumpkins on the back of a float

7 – A headless horseman on a real, legit horse to kick off the parade. WHAT.

A headless horseman holding a carved, lit pumpkin

8 – Exceptional performers – dancers and singers – during Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular. That Hades was so fabulous!

Performers on a stage in front of the castle

9 – These bone chillingly awesome performers.

Three skeleton musicians on a float

10 – Specially themed treats like this Cinnamon Buns Mickey. It was large enough to share!

A cinnamon bun decorated to look like Mickey with a chocolate spiderweb

11 – Decently priced tickets for the event alone ($85 – $100), compared to regular admission for a single day which can be up to $100/pp. You don’t even need to buy a ticket to the park if you have an event ticket. Bonus!

12 – Getting early admission at 4pm so you can walk around in costume and admire the place.

13 – Short wait times for rides. 5 minutes for the teacups. 25 minutes for Space Mountain. Insanity!

14 – Badass experiences on both Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. Both in the dark (SM is PITCH DARK), longer, and significantly faster than in the daytime making it way more adult fun.

15 – Not to mention a unique experience on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with character interactions.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride specially lit for the occasion

16 – Adult costumes. Do I need to say more? 🙂

If you’re curious, Jeremy and I found our awesome Anakin Skywalker and Rey costumes for a decent price on Amazon! And Hannah crafted her Baymax using this cute white dress.

Picture captured on Space Mountain of us dressed up in costume as Anakin Skywalker, Rey, and Baymax
Anakin Skywalker, Rey, and Baymax walk into a bar…

17 – Free candy! We didn’t participate that much, but the kids were going gaga over it. Also, getting something for free at Disney? That’s awesome! For kids with allergies, they have specially marked candy stations just for them.

18 – The fireworks are bigger than I’ve ever seen them. I couldn’t capture how far they span with my camera during the finale.

A blue lit castle with fireworks

19 – Seeing loved characters in rare costumes.

Eeyore in a clown costume

20 – Or simply seeing rare characters!! That’s Pain and Panic!

Two demon characters dancing on a float

21 – This silly, halloweenie decoration in the candy storefront. It’s the details, people!

Cotton candy spilling out of a carved pumpkin's mouth

22 – This amazingly fantastic ghoulish quartet singing.

A ghoulish set of quartet singers

23 – A special reminder that it won’t be long until our next visit. “See ya real soon!”

Carved pumpkins that say See Ya Real Soon!

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