Our next stop on the holiday train in Florida is Universal Studios. Last week we danced around merrily in Disney and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This time, we visited Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley for a magical holiday experience. Here are some of my favorite things from the weekend!

Seasonal Live Performances

Four Hogwarts students performing with singing frogs

I’ve seen the singing frog choir in Hogsmeade before, but it was so much to listen to the a capella students (and frogs) sing holiday favorites.

In Diagon Alley, Celestina Warbeck takes you back in time with classic holiday songs. And all while snow begins to fall. It’s a magical time!


Holiday garland and lights on stone Hogsmeade storefronts

Hogwarts and Hogsmeade come with snow and a snowman year round, but they’ve added garland and wreaths. It’s so pretty!

Hogwarts Light Show

This is a highly attended light show in Hogsmeade. In the map, there’s no exact time it starts. They note “From dusk to park close.” We just did a quick Google to find out “dusk,” and worked our way over to the Hogsmeade.

A word of advice though, get close to the castle if you want to catch the show. At a certain point closer to the start time, they shut down any foot traffic towards the castle to avoid overcrowding. If you’re not close enough while you’re waiting, then you risk waiting 45 minutes to an hour until your next opportunity.

Extra Goodies

Close up of frozen butterbeer

Most of the snacks and food were the same from what we saw, but people love getting Frozen Butterbeer to feel in the holiday mood.

And some non-HP Holiday Fun: the Parade with Macy’s is a pretty cool to catch while you’re at Universal!

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