Nearing the end of a wonderful hygge in summer, I’m daring myself with different 30 day challenges starting in August. Right now, I’m in a good place with my work, Jeremy and I are making friends in St. Pete, and we’re taking control of our health with a solid routine. So, my creative side is like, “Mkay, girlfriend, I’m ready and waiting for you.” I think that different challenges that align with my goals will help me with my pursuit for happiness in mind. It’ll also be fun to try debunking the silly challenges out there with their crazy, unreachable promises.

This came to when going into the latter half of the year, and looking at where I am now and that I haven’t met my new year’s resolutions (Shocker! Who does really??). In an effort to work on that, I’m trying my first month with “30 Questions for Self Discovery” (credit: Day one starts with the simple question, “How do you feel at the moment?” Let’s do this!

Full list of 30 questions for self discovery

Week One – The Struggle

Starting anything new is a struggle. You really need to force yourself into the habit. I had to travel to Maryland for work in the beginning of August, so I had the benefit of having time for just myself (vs. sharing time with Jeremy and the pups). Selfishly, it was nice to have that time alone.

Without the daily question prompts, there’s no way I would have committed to this daily. They were all happy prompts, too, about joy, victories, gratuity. It was a good week.

1. How do I feel at the moment?
2. What do I need more of in my life?
3. What would make me happy right now?
4. What is going right in my life?
5. What am I grateful for? List at least 10 things.
6. When did I experience joy this week?
7. List all my small victories and successes.

Week Two – Some Hiccups

With week one under my belt, week two was actually the hardest. The excitement of starting is gone. Work was getting busy. It felt like a burden to spend the time writing. On top of that, the questions were sadder feelings, like “What’s bothering me?” and advice and lessons learned. I missed some day this week, but would pick up the previous question the following day. So, I never skipped but it was an extra burden on my time spent when they would build up.

8. What’s bothering me? Why?
9. What are my priorities at the moment?
10. What do I love about myself?
11. Who means the world to me and why?
12. If I could share one message with the world, what would it be?
13. What advice would I give to my younger self? (Do i follow this now?)
14. What lesson did I learn this week?

Week Three – In the Groove

By week three, I found my excitement again. Maybe it was just because that habit was beginning to stick. It felt like a natural part of my morning, and whenever Jeremy saw me with my book out he didn’t disturb me. Week three felt good. It felt good to have my time to reflect. The prompts were more around what if’s and inspiring. Week three was my most hygge in summer moment.

15. If I had all the time in the world, what would I want to do first?
16. What’s draining my energy? How can I reduce or cut it out?
17. What does my ideal morning look like?
18. What do my ideal day look like?
19. What makes me come alive? When was the last time I felt truly alive?
20. What/who inspires me the most? Why am I drawn to those inspirations?
21. Where does my pain originate? What would need to happen for me to heal?

Week Four – Almost There

The last week and a couple of days left to complete my first 30 day challenge. In the end, I never missed a morning journaling session. It was my routine, it was easy, it became something I want to continue. When I got to day 28, I was actually surprised by how quickly I had gotten to the end. It’s like you stop thinking about it, and then all of a sudden you’re there. Like planning a great vacation. All this planning. And then you’re there. And then it’s over.

22. What are my strengths? What am I really good at?
23. What is something I’ve always wanted to do but was too scared?
24. What is something I would love to learn?
25. What hobbies would I like to try?
26. Where would I want to live in my ideal life?
27. Where would I like to travel in the next 5 years?
28. What can I do to take better care of myself?
29. When have I done something that I thought I couldn’t do?
30. At the end of my life, what do I want my legacy to be?

Final Thoughts

This particular challenge from was great. The prompts weren’t shallow while balancing out easy, fun questions. There were moments where I hated the burden on my time. And there were many more moments where I loved the peace to be just me and my thoughts. When I found my groove, I was only investing about 10 minutes and sometimes less for prompts that only needed a list. I’d encourage everyone to try journaling and using prompts to help. During my experiment, a friend on social media started the same exercise. It was really exciting to me to see others joining in. She was trying a different 30 day challenge, and I shared mine with her to start after she completes her own.

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