Welcome! After months of planning, designing, and strategizing, our blog called fox+babs is ready to share with the world. And so far, it has already been a lovely experience.

This blog will have many photos of my husband staring wistfully at Disney's Magic.
We go to Disney a lot, so expect magical fun facts we discover while exploring random corners of the parks (and often with a drink in hand). #Addicted #DisneyMagic

So, what’s the meaning behind “fox+babs?”
The name comes from my husband’s and my own spirit animals. “Fox” is pretty straightforward as Jeremy’s spirit animal. “Babs,” however, needs a little more explaining. It’s Jeremy’s nickname for me, and was inspired by my spirit animal – the rabbit – as well as inspired by the unrelated, but equally silly story from Harry Potter, “Babbity Rabbity and Her Cackling Stump.”

What to expect from this blog
A sneak peek into our daily lives in our newest home, St. Petersburg, Florida. Our travels. My thoughts on what a well balanced and hygge lifestyle means for us.

What’s next?
Please follow along with our monthly updates through our e-newsletter and follow me on Instagram @foxandbabs. It may get a little goofy or a tad weird, but I hope you enjoy the ride!

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